Workplace Access Screening for COVID-19

COVID-19 Coronavirus CaseTracker

Compliance & Safety

Compliance is made simple by following the guided questionnaires designed to ensure that all the relevant information is gathered and assessed before departing home or on arrival.

We tick all the boxes…and many more!


Limited contact on screening
Minimal disruption on arrival
More cost efficient than paper

And many more...

Workplace Access Screening

An easy to use Interface for Screening Staff and Visitors on arrival & departure

  • Quick Entry of Staff Daily Assesment
  • Fast Entry of New Visitor Details
  • Dashboard & Email Notifications
  • Easy to Access Inspectors Reports
  • Web-based Interfaces

Medical Screening Add-on

To support the employee once they have shown symptoms, the system will pre-assign a 14-day monitoring period where each day’s result is captured to help identify aggravating symptoms.

This creates the opportunity for early intervention during the difficult period of self-isolation and to identify whether medical intervention might be required.

  • Expanded Symptom Diagnostics
  • 14-Day Screening Pre-assigned
  • Capturing of Notes and Test results
  • Easy Reference to Next-of-kin
  • Monitoring Agent To-Contact Lists

Public Services Monitoring & Tracing

Quick & easy patient information capturing form with 14-days screening pre-assigned from the date when the first symptoms are detected.

Reference cases can be allocated to each case for tracking the spread of the infection. Case-workers are automatically assigned based on location.

  • Automatic 14-Day Assignment of Reference Cases
  • Interview Notes
  • Test Result Storage
  • Full Reporting Suite to Analyse Trends
  • Customisable Data Capture Fields
CaseTracker Preregistration

Online Pre-registration

The online Pre-registration interface allows all employees and visitors to be loaded onto the system before arriving at their place of work or meeting. Individual QR Codes allow for quick and easy employee / visitor identification:

  • On arrival
  • For confirmation of data captured (digital signature)
  • Issued in electronic format for display on your smart phone*

*Can be printed on a branded badge for everyday use


Daily pre-screening allows individuals to answer the required questions to identify whether they are able to report for work.

This features ensures that individuals who are ill can remain at home and self-isolate.

COVID-19 CaseTracker Prescreening
COVID-19 CaseTracker Temperature check

Screening on Arrival

Temperature readings for all employees and visitors are taken on arrival and electronically captured.

An immediate warning will be issued if any temperature captured is indicative of a fever.

If no fever is present, then further health screening will be done through guided questions.

A final entry cleared or denied result will be reflected.


Notifications are sent to the COVID-19 Compliance Officer / HR representative on all cases where employees have been found to have suspected symptoms.

COVID-19 CaseTracker notifications


Medical Monitoring

Individuals who have been found to have symptoms of COVID-19 can be escalated to the Medical Monitoring Add-on system.

This add-on enables employers to stay in touch with their employees and monitor their symptoms for any regression over a period of 14 days.

Employees are only allowed to report back for work once cleared of all symptoms.

Online Front-End

  • Web-based application
  • Completely responsive interface
  • Support for most devices (PC, Tablet & Mobile)
Cross browser compatible
Covid-19 Casetracker reporting


Full transactional data is captured in real-time, backed-up and secured.

The global search functionality allows for easy monitoring and reporting on any possible COVID-19 cases.

Data can be exported for management and regulatory audit reports.

Workplace Access Screening

Fixed monthly price for Staff with unlimited entry & exit records and a low per-visit cost for visitors.

  • R30-00 / Staff member *
  • R2-00 / Visitor Screening

* min 5 members

Medical Screening Add-on

Fixed cost for each 14 day monitoring incident.

  • R45-00 / 14 Day Screening Incident

Public Services Monitoring & Tracing

For specialised solutions on a district, provincial or national level, contact us.


We are able to offer the following ancillary services depending on the needs of the client:

  • Integration to time and attendance software
  • Integration of electronic scanners
  • Customization of reports
  • White-label sites allow for company specific personalisation
CaseTracker integrations

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