“Bioneb has the potential to change the future of medicine, others can only dream of “
Nick Havercroft – CEO & Founder Bioneb

About Bioneb Limited

Bioneb has filed in the UK, USA, EU and WIPO in excess of 50 technology patents pending and has world wide exclusive rights on 28 patents approved . Bioneb has also filed many patent pending liquid formulations for over 130 FDA approved drugs including Humira®, Antibiotics, Insulin, Epinephrine, Imitrex®, Exubera, Anticholinergics, Anti-inflammatories, Hormones, Appetite suppressant, Dopamine agonist, Nicotine, Sildenafil, Sumatriptan, Vaccines, Diazepam, Antiemetics, Stimulants opioids, Suboxone®, Diphenhydramine, Morphine, Corticosteroids, Antiemetics, Buprenorphine Tadalafil. Patents have also been filed for bio-logic and bio-similar, insulin formulations, registered, viral formulations, natural medications, vitamin formulations, weight loss formulations and recreational hypertonic saline medical formulations.

Bioneb Limited, a corporation incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales located with its registered office at 78-80 St John Street, London, EC1M 4JA, United Kingdom.

Bioneb strives to be a leader in the pulmonary delivery of medical formulations.


Ultrasonic Vibrating Micron Micro Mesh Technology

  • Patent approved FDA 510K Ultrasonic Vibrating Micron Micro Mesh delivery device is able to efficiently deliver FDA approved pharmaceutical medical formulations with developments in the delivery of nano technology medication, Biologic and Biosimilar formulations, medical marijuana and nicotine .
  • Drug Compositions are delivered as a unit dose in hypertonic saline medical formulations in a single use disposable cartridge. Patent pending FDA approval for the combination use of the unit dose with the delivery device as a whole.
  • Device has digital display allowing the user to see how much medication has been taken, auto turnoff after 4 seconds, little chance of over use, over dose. Device is connected to the Internet of Things allowing the doctor to monitor patients use , time and amount of medication taken.
  • Ability to deliver drug formulations more efficiently than current methods. No needles, no tablets, no heating, no combustion, no smell, no noise, no pain.
  • FDA approved production facilities which manufacture and assemble all the FDA 510K approved Pulmonary Drug delivery devices.
  • Device Alternatives for market segments such as Reduced Risk Products (RRP) delivering nicotine for the tobacco industry and delivery systems for the Nicotine Replacement Therapy Market.
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Bioneb Limited Trademarks, Patents and Approvals

  • The IP has been approved in the USA, China and is pending for the EU and the rest of the world in the name of Bioneb. The patents for all formulations developed and under development have or will be patented in the name of and will belong to Nicholas Havercroft-BionebLtd. for the USA, Asia Pacific, EU and rest of the world.
  • Analytical data (i.e. full aerosol size distributions across multiple batches, and delivered dose data across multiple puffs and multiple devices): Bioneb, and the manufacture have in house data for medication aerosol performance verification and validation test report for the delivery device. We use the same technology in the newly modified exterior shell of the various devices. Eighteen (18) test reports were submitted to obtain the 510K for FDA and CE approval.
  • The factory of manufacture is FDA approved, one of only two in Asia Pacific : GMP, FMEA, strict quality control, CE and 510K approval were obtained for the ultrasonic vibrating mesh device and all of Bioneb proposed devices use the same technology with different outer shell designs.
  • RoHs and REACH approval obtained for delivery device and materials. The same materials are being used for all Bioneb devices.. RoHs and REACH approval will be obtained similarly prior to mass production.
  • The mesh plate is made of platinum in a patented process. This is unique and superior to our competitor’s plastic and stainless steel mesh which breaks down and produces toxic substances over time. Our mesh design and composition are ultra-fine, strong and stable.
  • FDA certified manufacturing facility with ISO 13485, CE 0197, CE 0537 FDA 510K approvals. Three lines currently operation for manufacture with ample space for expansion. Current capacity 300,000 units per month per line. Ready for production immediately.