“Bioneb has the potential to change the future of medicine, others can only dream of “

Nick Havercroft – CEO & Founder Bioneb

Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?
In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that “talk” to each other. “Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together”

By combining these connected devices with automated systems, it is possible to “gather information, analyse it and create an action” to help someone with a particular task” This is especially important i medical as many patients have difficulty in remembering to take medication, or do not finish their course of prescribed drugs. When this happens, bacteria and virus’s build up resistance to the drugs plus the patient will more often than not fall ill again as they haven’t completely recovered from their infection.

Our Devices have digital display allowing the user to see how much medication has been taken, auto turnoff after 4 seconds, little chance of over use, over dose. Device is connected to the Internet of Things allowing the doctor to monitor patients use, time and amount of medication taken through our Smart APP.

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