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A properly maintained humidity and a clean environment are some of the most effective preventive measures for contracting viruses.

  • Droplets less than 4 microns expelled during breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing can remain airborne and infectious for hours.
  • Everyone releases tiny water droplets, called aerosols, when they breath, talk, cough or sneeze. The microscopic droplets are composed of around 97% water and 3% solutes - salts, proteins and numerous other substances.
Bioneb Biomist
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  • Under normal circumstance, this personal contribution to the "air we share" has no negative effect on us. However, when a person has respiratory viral such as Covid-19, other viral or bacterial infection, their exhaled air will contain harmful, contagious microbes. Once emitted into the air, these harmful microbes can infect other people, either by direct inhalation or through deposition on to a surface and subsequent touch contact.
  • The humidity of air is a major factor in the transmission of airborne microbes. In dry atmospheres below 40%RH expelled droplets rapidly lose their moisture content through evaporation. As smaller droplets remain airborne for longer, this evaporation results in more droplets capable of staying airborne and increases the overall time they can float around.
  • The droplet's water loss also changes its structure to a crystallized solid state. Covid-19 , other viruses and bacteria get preserved in a floating capsule, where they remain infectious and have a greater potential to infect other people.
  • In an atmosphere above 40%RH, expelled droplets retain their moisture content, are heavier and less able to remain airborne. Furthermore, the dissolved salts inside the remaining airborne droplets create a hostile environment for any suspended microbes, decreasing their infectious nature and any risk they pose to health.
  • Ninety percent of our lives in the developed world are spent indoors in close proximity to each other. When cold outdoor air with little moisture is heated indoors, the air’s relative humidity drops to about 20%. This dry air provides a clear pathway for airborne viruses, such as COVID-19.In addition to this, our immune system’s ability to respond to pathogens is suppressed by dry air.
Bioneb Biomist
Bioneb Biomist
  • Studies have shown that there is a sweet spot in relative humidity. Air of between 40% and 60% shows substantially less ability to transmit viruses and allows our nose and throat to maintain robust immune responses against them.
  • There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that a mid-range air humidity has significant benefits for human health. It is very possible for us to be manage the indoor air quality of our built environments. The optimum humidity level for indoor air quality is between 40-60%RH. This is the optimal level for our respiratory immune system, and will reduce the spread of Civid -19, viruses , bacteria, mould and respiratory illnesses and their burden on society.
  • Most built environments (BE) that contain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. such as transport and indoor buildings relies on climate control such as air conditioning or central heating which dry the air out to around 20% humidity, creating a perfect breeding ground for Covid-19, viruses, bacteria and mould .
  • Raising air humidity by humidification reduces the risk of microbial spread in hospitals and other buildings at low-cost and without causing negative effects. It can also be easily implemented in public buildings , in both private and workplace environments, air transportation, cruise ships, trains and metro systems . Humidification gives people a simple means of actively combatting seasonal respiratory infections, including the fearsome SARS-CoV-2 virus, for which there are currently no vaccines or effective drug treatments.
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  • When increasing the RH of the air air droplet size is of critical importance. Water evaporates only from the surface of the droplet. If the surface area of the droplet in relation to the volume of water is decreased, then the evaporation efficiency is increased. The smaller the droplet size, the longer it can stay air borne. Therefore, the smaller the droplet size the fastest and efficient evaporation is achieved.
  • Bioneb works with technology which creates a droplet size of 4.2 micron, the smallest in the industry. Droplets created by our systems evaporate completely into the air before reaching any surface. Bioneb has achieved 100% evaporation rate, achieving 100% water efficiency creating a mist that does not moisten the exposed surfaces.
  • The Bioneb technology is based on a natural decorrelation process (These effects are caused by the negative charge of the Oxygen molecule and the positive charge of the Hydrogen molecule attracting. Bioneb’s De-Correlation Technology reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process. The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion.
  • The Bioneb technology injects Oxygen into every droplet dispensed and reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process. The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion. Covid-19 and air borne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles and spores are attracted to the Bioned natural formulation. Mist droplets by adhesion and are oxidized. In order to achieve 100% Covid-19 suppression, droplets smaller than 5 microns must be in the air. Droplets of 5 microns or larger naturally retract air particles, and doesn’t suppress Covis-19 and other air borne particles. Bioneb technology provides even 4.2 micron droplets which are ideal for 100% dust suppression.Bioneb natural formulation aids in the reduction of Covid-19 and air borne bacteria/viruses from the air.
Biofog - Droplets

Droplets of 4.2 microns. Dust and air borne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles and spores are attracted to the smart mist droplets and oxidized. The system can also be utilized to disinfect and sanitize duct systems using any water dissolving chemicals.

Biofog Droplets

Droplets of 5 microns or larger retract air particles.

Wet fog droplets
Wet Mist droplets burst and
wet the surfaces, like rain.
Dry Fog droplets
Dry Mist droplets rebound from surfaces,
like soap bubbles.
Bioneb Natural Fog
Bioneb natural formulation Mist
evaporates completely into the air before reaching the surface.
(Lightining fast uniform coverage)

A Properly maintained humidity and a clean environment are some of the most effective preventive measures for contracting viruses.

  • Penetration Bioneb’s Natural formulation Mist unique engineered droplets penetrate hard to reach surfaces providing 100% distribution and application success of the formulation. in suppressing air born diseases such as Covid-19 and, viruses, bacteria and mould of the targeted area of the BE and the HVAC system in a continuous application.
  • Light Speed .Bionebs Natural Formulation mist provides light-speed uniform coverage. The 100% evaporating achieved at velocity provides a vehicle in transporting the natural formaulation equally to the entire targeted area. No Damage.
  • Bioneb’s Natural Formulation mist system provides full coverage without harming or damaging the target surfaces. The proprietary non-wetting natural formulation mist layer technology allows for precise control over the surface contact of the formulation with the surface.
  • Bioneb natural formulation mist provides a powerful Covid-19 suppressant and other harmful viruses, bacteria and mould solution. Bioneb's natural formulation mist technology provides uniform, fast distribution while penetrating the smallest hard to reach surfaces where any infection may be present providing 100% application success. Most Reliable Product.
  • Bioneb’s system was developed to combat biosecurity issues for human applications such as private and public buildings like hospitals, schools ,shopping malls, arenas ,hotels, cinema’s, restaurants, conference centres, casinos and offices throughout the year. The same applies to all forms of public transport such as airplanes, trains, cruise ships , metro lines, buses, people carriers and taxis.
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train system with biomist
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